Attractions in Lake Maggiore

There are a wealth of Attractions on Lake Maggiore to suit the whole family including, Isola Madre & Meina.

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Attractions in Lake Maggiore


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Bognanco Springs

, 7 km from Domodossola

Located in the Bogna Valley, this sleepy town is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. The best attraction here are the springs. Their therapeutic properties were discovered in 1863...

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Castelli di Cannero

Lago Maggiore, Cannobio

The amazing ruins of this castle are located on 2 small islands off the coast of Cannero, and you can take a boat tour to the islands.

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Castello Visconteo

Viale XI febbraio 35, Pavia

This castle was built in the 13th century for the Visconti family and throughout the years was used as a residence and a fortress. Parts of the castle were destroyed and rebuilt...

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Civico Museo Archeologico

Via dell'Archiginnasio, 2

This archeological museum offers objects mostly found in tombs and ruins and is considered to have the most comprehensive collection of objects from the Golasecca people who first...

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Island of the Lake

Stresa Verbano, Cusio-Ossola

Isola dei Pescatori is the most northerly of the three principal Borromean Islands is about 350 meters long by 100 meters wide. It is also known as Isola Superiore with a...

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Isola Madre

Stresa Verbano, Lake Maggiore

Isola Madre is the largest island of the Isole Borromee archipelago (still not lartge however at about 350 x 220m) which is within the Italian in the Province of Verbano Cusio...

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Largo San Salvatore

Largo San Salvatore 1, Terni

The first section of this church was built in A.D. 1000 by the Benedictine monks. It is surrounded by beech and birch trees and overlooks the lake. There are 2 chapels in the...

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Carabella Square # 5, Meina

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Rocca di Angera

Via Rocca 10, Angera

The perfectly preserved medieval fortification is worth seeing. This castle is built around a central courtyard. Climb the stairs to the top of the tower for a breathtaking view of...

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Torre di Velate


Located in Varese, this area was populated in Roman times and the tower itself was actually built on Roman foundations. It is close to the Oratory di st Domenico and the 16th...

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