This is the first village that tourists meet when coming from San Bernardino and San Gottardo. Its is also the lhe last Italian town on the west coast of Maggiore, only 4 km before the Switzerland border.

Cannobio dates back to 909. Wool, tanning and the wood/lumber industry were key elemebts of mediavel times and by around 1200, Cannobio and was granted administrative autonomy and became a ture community of its own identity. The church of St.

Vittore,an 11th century church was rebuilt between 1733 and 1749. Full autonomy came to Cannobio in 1342, with overule from Luchino and Giovanni Visconti, lords of Milan.

Cannobio is also famous for a painting of the Virgin Mary which purportedly bled from its canvas in 1522. Shortly after this miracle, a plague devastated lakeside and valley towns, but left Cannobio relatively unharmed. Clearly these two events were linked and Pope Carlo Borromeo ordered a chapel to be built to hold the painting which you may still see today.

Other mentionable historic events are

The Austrians attacked from the lake in the mid 1800's.
The lakeside road to the Swiss border was created in 1863 which created more industry notably silk.
In 1927 the Comune of Cannobio was extended to include Traffiume,Sant’Agata and San Bartolomeo. In September 1944, the community proclaimed this area the Republic of the Ossola in objection to the Nazi regime.

Things to do and see

The Lakefront piazza of "Vittorio Emanuele III" has a new facade of cobblestones and granite slabs after regeneration in 2003/4. Many of the buildings have a very ancient heritage but have mostly been kept to a high standrad or refurbished themselves. Cannobio’s old harbour, si vry close to the Piazza and is home to sailing, rowing and speedboats.

The famous painting mentioned above is well worth a visit and like all these artifacts has a following. It is now located in another church in the town and each year a "Sacra Costa", representing the painting, is paraded through the streets on the 7January.

Cannobio has its own swimming pool or "Lido" at the north end of town which also has a large sandy beach and was granted a European Union Blue Flag for its cleanliness.

Useful Information
Tourist Office is located in
via A. Giovanola n. 25
Tel: +39 0323 71212
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The Tennis Club Cannobio is located in the green area called “Parco Lido” between the minigolf and the soccer pitch. There are 3 tennis courts, two red clay courts and one hard court. The last one can also be used for five-a-side matches. And there is a small court for childrens. Season starts in April and ends in October. Opening hours are from 08:00 to 23:00.

Reservations on site or by phone calling the number +39 0323 71788

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