Lake Maggiore History

Lake Maggiore History

Lake Maggiore History

At the heart of Lake Maggiore History is a lake of which there are only 2 others like it in Italy. Simply translated into English, Lago Maggoire means "Lake Maggiore," which is located north of Milan and is the most westerly lake in Italy's lake region. Its shores reach into Switzerland.

Lake Maggiore's Historical Events

Historical events that connect with this lake begin in 1776 through 1778 when the discovery of methane gas was first found by Alessandro Volta during his experiments with marsh gas. This discovery was a major one for future generations, to say the least.

One highlight in the lake's history is the sinking of a car and the future intrigue that it caused.

Intrigue at the Bottom of Lake Maggiore

In 1936 Marco Schmucklerski, a Zurich, Switzerland architect, was being investigated for not paying taxes on his 1925 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia Roadster. Instead of any admission of guilt Schmucklerski had his employees sink the car into Lago Maggiore, where it sunk to the bottom. The car was found during a diving expedition in 1967 and was for years a place of attraction for divers. The intrigue of the car took a turn recently as it was brought to the surface and auctioned off for a charity.

Lake Maggiore's Place in Literary History

The Italian lake made it into a key part of the historical World War I novel A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. The 2 main characters of Heminway's moving story use the lake's access to Switzerland to escape members of the Italian Army.

Island Beauty and Historical Figures

Isola Bella, which is 1 island in particular that is located on Lago Maggiore, adds to the lake's historic stories. The island is a part of the Borromean Island chain on the lake. This one stands out for its gardens. The beautifully constructed gardens on the island have made it an attraction to many individuals interested in history, primarily European royalty. Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine visited the garden island and so did many members of the British royal family throughout time. The island has helped the lake's place in history as a destination for beauty and wonderment.

Lake Maggiore's Geography

Its location in northern Italy is essential to its history. In a wider look the lake is situated primarily in the Piedmont and Lombardia regions. Lombardia has Milan as its main city and is both a populous and economical fruitful area. The lake has, throughout its history, been an attraction to visitors because of its grandeur and beauty. This water attraction has helped the region's diverse ability to be a popular tourist destination and one of Italy's most interesting locations.


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